Advice that works..

Based in Cambridge I have extensive experience in food marketing & adding value to ‘commodity’ products.

Are you looking for:

  • A way to turn your ‘product’ into a brand or benchmark?
  • Increase your profit markets?
  • Find new outlets or customers?
  • Reposition your product ?
  • Or get some new ideas ?


Why not let me provide you with a ‘step by step’ business & action plan…

Branding?, Celebrity Chefs?, Marketing?..

In today’s fast moving marketing place customers have the attention span of a gnat – you need to stand out with clear positioning to survive.

And the first stage is to decide what to focus on & how to get there.

Your own ‘step by step’ plan

Why not let me analyse your business – identify potential growth sectors and help you find a way of taking this forward..

What are your:

  • Cash Cows – making money but for how long
  • Stars – your future business income
  • Dogs – cuddly but..
  • Or Question Marks..


Designed to work for you I will show you how to add new growth opportunities to your business, how to take it forward & what to focus on..

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