11 Hole Hydroponic Kit

Great starter hydroponic unit, easy to install



Key Facts

  • Ideal first time hydroponic unit
  • Easy to install and great for herbs
  • More details / How to order Available from Amazon


This is the first hydroponic kit I have ever bought.

  • Very easy to use & install
  • Small enough to fit on a bedroom window sill
  • Has everything you will need
  • Great for starting with hydroponics.
11 hole hydroponic kit

Video showing how it works

The video below shows how I use it to grow Roma Tomatoes with great results.

But it did have a few small issues (see below)


Great but…

I really enjoyed starting hydroponics with this unit but…

  • It’s great if you want practical experience of using an hydroponic unit
  • Ideal for growing small items like herbs or salad
  • (But for larger plants you will need to place it on a floor)
  • The instructions are not very good (see below)
  • The pump is a bit noisy.

How to start plants

Step 1 – sow seeds in soil

If you are new to hydroponics (like me) then I’ve found that growing plants from seed

  • Is a lot easier if you just sow the seeds in a planting tray with soil
  • and then transplanting the plants when they’ve grown 4 leaves.

Could have been me, but I found that growing them (as per the instructions with the unit) in the sponge was a lot slower and for cayenne peppers simply didn’t work.

planting mesh

Step 2 – put them in the hydroponic unit

Then all you do is put them in the included sponge and bucket and into the hydroponic unit

I found that when transplanted into the kit the plants grew 20 to 25% faster than the same plants left growing in soil.

The pump

The pump is noisy – but as it only needs to be on 8 hours a day, it’s on a timer.

(And is only on during the day when I don’t use the bedroom)


This is a basic unit without lights. That is ok if (like me) you can place it on a window sill in the sunshine.

But a far easier option is to have a look at also using one of the grow lights in our shop.

Standing Grow Light

More details – 11 Hole Hydroponic Kit

For the full technical specifications visit Amazon


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