Anaheim chile pepper

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Great for making salsa or simply stuffed. (H)



Key Facts

  • Great for making salsa or simply stuffed. (H)
  • Mild
  • Easy to grow.
  • Takes about 3 months to grow
  • Available from Amazon


  • Originally from Mexico but named after the place that made it popular – Anaheim in California
  • Mild
  • Ideal making salsa or simply stuffed.
  • Days from seed to harvest – about 90 (3 months)
  • About 45 to 60 cm high
anaheim chile pepper

Typical Recipes

The Anaheim chile pepper is great for making salsa or simply stuffed. They can be used as a substitute for poblano peppers.

When cooking with an anaheim chile pepper you can use them as an alternative to any recipe that says ‘bell pepper’, and will generate a slightly hotter taste.

Typical recipes:

How to grow the anaheim chile pepper at home

The anaheim chile pepper can be grown from seed.

How to grow anaheim peppers outdoors (garden, balcony, etc.)

The peppers prefer direct sunlight, well drained soil and need to be frost free.

If you want to grow them outdoors then the best option is to start them indoors about 8 weeks before the last frost and then transfer them when the nights are warmer.

They can be grown easily from seed but it’s very important to provide the right amount of moisture and to thin them out as they grow.

Fully grown they can be upto 45 to 60 cm in height i.e. an individual pot might be the best option.

dried chili pepper

How to grow Anaheim chile pepper indoors (hydroponics or aquaponics)

Because of the importance of moisture and light the peppers are ideally suited for hydroponics with additional lights.

Not only are they easier to grow, but you will also get fast results.

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  1. Minze Vries

    Nice to grow and nice flavour

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