Aquaponic Gardening Book

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Ideal if you are new to Aquaponics. Both a Hardcover and kindle version



aquaponic gardening book

Key Facts

Available as both hardcover & kindle the aquaponic gardening book is 

  • Ideal if you are new to Aquaponics..
  • Will show you how it works
  • And how to run an aquaponic system day by day
  • Full details on Amazon


The aquaponic gardening book contents

If you are completely new to Aquaponics then the aquaponic gardening book will be for you.

Very easy to read it will

  • Show you how aquaponics works – and how it’s different from hydroponics
  • Where to put your aquaponics system
  • How to design your system & what you will need
  • The type of tank & pumps to use
  • How to start, which fish & which plants to use
  • How to maintain your system
  • Etc., etc.

There is both a hardcover & kindle version.

What is aquaponics & how does it work?

Aquaponics is very similar to hydroponics – where you grow your plants only using water.

However the key difference is that the water will contain fish – so you only have to feed the fish and their excrement will nourish the plants.

The advantages of using aquaponics to grow plants are

  • no soil required,
  • easier to grow & manage plants, etc.

Or for more information comparing Hydroponics and Aquaponics have a look at our guide Which to use & why

However, in addition:

  • Aquaponics can be cheaper to operate as fish feed is often cheaper than the nutrients added to the water in an hydroponic system
  • Once well established (after about 6 months) it can produce even faster growth and better yields than hydroponics.
  • Easier to get fully organic plants.
  • The fish can be very appealing to households (with big or little children)
  • Or the fish can even be grow to generate additional income

More information

The easiest way to find out more about the aquaponic gardening book is to have a look at the introduction of the book on Amazon

Available from Amazon

1 review for Aquaponic Gardening Book

  1. Minze Vries

    Ideal if you are new to aquaponics – will show you how it works and what to do. Including step by step how to get started advice

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