Black Garlic

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Will add a pleasant savory taste to meals.



Quick summary

  • Often used in Japanese & Korean recipes.
  • Pleasant savory (even plummy) taste.
  • Made by ageing garlic cloves over 15 to 90 days
  • In a controlled humidity & temperature environment

This type of garlic is great if you would like a unique & distinctive garlic. It has a pleasant savory (even plummy) taste and is often used in Japanese & Korean recipes – but great for most dishes for extra taste.

black garlic

In addition the abundance of health-promoting properties of this garlic was already known to ancient Egyptians, Romans, Chinese and Greeks.

Example Black garlic recipes

Often used by chefs it’s used to add a rich, meaty umami flavor to dishes. Umami is the word used by the Japanese and can best be described as a pleasant savory (even plummy) taste

If you use it in cooking then this garlic will add a rich meaty flavour to recipes.

Typical recipes (which don’t have to be Japanese or Korean), such as

black garlic

How to make Black Garlic

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  1. Minze Vries

    Very great unusual garlic to grow – especially if you want to add a ‘different’ type of flavour to your dishes

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