DIY backyard book

Simple DIY projects to save money and grow crops


Key Facts

DIY backyard book

The DIY self sufficient backyard book is full of ‘step by step’ instructions. 

For example showing you:

  • How to grow enough food for 1 person for a year using only 95 sq m – the size of a back garden.
  • How to build a self-heating year-round greenhouse
  • Make a complete windowsill medicinal garden
  • An ingenious system for growing food suspended indoors.
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The book contains 100’s of tips and plans showing you how to save money and build items.


The DIY backyard book has been written by a couple of have been completely self sufficient since the late 1970s.

They will show you simple DIY projects that you can implement in a few hours or days like:

The self-heating year-round greenhouse, a moneymaking basement crop for year-round, the mini-chicken coop on 8 square feet, a complete windowsill medicinal garden, the quick battery trick for making almost any kind last longer, the independent water source, a small kitchen root-cellar, an ingenious system for growing food suspended indoors, the handy backyard beehive, a stove that gives you free pressurized water and many…and I do mean many others!

Similarly the the cost-effective hybrid electricity system for your house is very easy to install and great for generating power (even for something like the DIY hydroponic system).

The Self-Sufficient Backyard or garden

You will discover how to transform a typical money-draining house into a tiny, profitable homestead that you can rely on no matter what happens in the world around you.

Yes, it is based on a couple living in the US, but the basic principles will work all around the world.
They have achieved self-sufficiency on a small plot, not much bigger than many gardens. And they key to this is to make everything as efficient as possible. For example it will show you:

  • How to grow food in shopping bags indoors
  • The three-barrel rainwater catchment system
  • A small under-kitchen root cellar
  • As well as all the ones mentioned earlier.

All these DIY self-sufficiency projects come with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, with pictures, sketches, and tons of tips for saving time, effort and money along the way.

More information on the DIY backyard book

The book is available as an instant dowloaded copy, as well as a physical hardbound one. The easiest way to find our how it works is to have a look at the

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