Indoor Hydroponic Drip System

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Very compact hydroponic system ideal for indoor use



Key Facts

Available in different sizes the indoor hydroponic drip system is

  • Ideal for growing tomatoes & peppers indoors.
  • Will fit in a kitchen, on a balcony, etc. 
  • Easy to install and use & very effective.
  • Full details on Amazon
4 pot hydroponic kit

The indoor hydroponic drip system

A complete hydroponic system like the one shown is a great way to grow fresh fruit & vegetables at home.

  • Great for growing items like herbs, tomatoes, peppers, etc.
  • Very simple and effective hydroponic system
  • Easy to install and use & very effective.
  • Great customer reviews.

Hydroponics is a very simple and effective way to grow fresh fruit & vegetables at home.

Not only will it help you get better results than growing in soil, but if you combine it with an indoor grow light you will be able to have your own fresh products (like tomatoes & herbs) available all year round.

Large or small hydroponic systems ?

We have shown the beginner, small complete hydroponic system using 4 pots. But in addition there are also larger 8 and 16 pot complete hydroponic system options available on amazon.

What is hydroponic/ How does it work?

When you use an hydroponic system you do not grow your plants using soil, but instead grow them only using water and adding nutrients to the water.

This growing system has major advantages over traditional methods.

Which is why it’s the main production method for commercial growers when they grow crops like tomatoes, basil or lettuce. Or (for example) it’s a method very popular among marijuana growers because of the quick & better crops. (Often grown indoors)

hydroponic greenhouse tomato

The advantages of using hydroponics to grow plants are:

  • No soil required.
  • Easier to grow & manage plants.
  • Quicker to grow with higher yields.
  • No damage from pesticides.
  • Because it’s a controlled system no nutrition pollution will be released into the environment.
  • Less water used as it’s a closed system.


In addition many of the ready made systems also include low energy use lighting – so that you will be able to grow crops all year long. A hydroponic system is very easy to set up at home with most units including very simple and easy to follow instructions.

Will fit anywhere..

The advantage of using a simple 4 pot hydroponic system is that it’s quite compact, and you will be able to grow your fresh fruit & vegetables anywhere.

For example the kit shown above has a base tray that is only 26″ by 23″ (66 x 59 cm) and ideal for using indoors

(But we would recommend adding an extra light if you want to grow herbs & vegetables indoors in the winter months)

More Details

For full details visit Amazon

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  1. Minze Vries

    It’s a nice little unit – but I would also add some extra growing lights for use in doors. Maybe something to try during the light summers days on a balcony or sunny position.

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