Lime mint

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Fruity Mint flavour with a hint of lime



Key Facts

  • Mint flavour with a hint of lime.
  • It’s ideal for lemonade, cocktails (Mojitos) as well as salads and some savoury recipes (lovely in sauces with fish or chicken)
  • Very fast and vigorous growing (safest in a pot)
  • Full details on Amazon

Lime mint is lovely garden plant with bronze green leaves.

Fun to grow and looks great. Step by step recipe & cooking advice as well as growing information lower down the page.

lime mint

Example Lime Mint Recipes

The leaves have a much more fruity flavour than other mints like peppermint plants

It is often used in recipes like lemonade and cocktails (like Mojito), but it can also be used in salads or savoury sauces (especially with fish or chicken). Or you can even use it when making Italian recipes like pesto.

Typical recipes:

  • Fresh mint syrup mojito (simply use less lime in the recipe)
  • Mint sauce (Replace the mint used in the BBC recipe with lime mint for a lightly different & fresher flavour)
  • Will be adding more soon

How to grow lime mint at home

The easiest way is to grow it from a plant or plug plant.

It is very easy to grow but will grow very fast. The picture above shows a lime mint plant which was had grown to a ‘harvesting’ stage in only 2 months, from a plug plant planted in a pot in the garden.

Easy & quick to grow outdoors (garden, balcony, etc.)

This mint prefers direct sunlight or partial shade and a well drained soil.

If you want to grow them outdoors the easiest option is to plant them outdoors in a pot March to April.

Alternatively you can grow it indoors – they are supposed to keep insects like aphids, fleas and ants away. (Not sure about flies, etc. but might be fun to find out)

However it does tend to flower in summer so if growing indoors an option is to keep cutting it back at the top.

Well worth growing indoors or outdoors, for recipes like the pictured mint jelly.

pork and mint jelly

More information

The type of mint you use will differ depending on the flavour you need, as well as recipe requirements. There is more info at the example mint recipes page

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  1. Minze V

    I used it to make lime mint lemonade – without having to use lime. And generated a lovely flavour, well worth growing.

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