Mexican Tarragon

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Ideal for Mexican and Texan recipes.



Key Facts

  • Ideal for Mexican and Texan recipes..
  • Takes about 2 to 3 months to grow

Easy to grow from seed with slightly different flavour to French Tarragon (see recipes below)

mexican tarragon


Mexican tarrago also known as Spanish tarragon, Mexican mint marigold, Texas tarragon or winter tarragon.

  • Originally from South & Middle America (Guatemala)
  • Slightly weaker flavour than French tarragon and a hint of aniseed.
  • Ideal for Mexican & Latin Amercian recipes.
  • Days from seed to harvest – about 60 to 80 (2 to 3 months)
  • About 60 to 90 cm high

Example Mexican tarragon recipe

The advantage of this type of tarragon is that you can grow them from seed, and is easier to grow.

However it’s important to realise that it has less flavour than French tarragon, although it does have a slightly stronger aniseed flavour resulting in slighty differently tasting meals.

Typical recipes:

Tuna salad using mexican tarragon

How to grow Mexican tarragon at home

Thys type of tarragon is a great alternative to French tarragon.

A great way to grow tarragon from seed is to grow this type of tarragon. Which is also known as Mexican mint marigold and Texas tarragon, or winter tarragon.

In the herb garden, it is highly ornamental with a profusion of small yellow flowers that bloom in late summer. As a kitchen herb, it has a scent of tarragon and a licorice-anise flavor that is a great seasoning for fish or chicken and the leaves are nice in tossed green salads.

The herb seed thrives it hot humid climates where french tarragon does not perform well. The sweet mace herb can be substituted for french tarragon in equal portions. This culinary herb can be used in vinegars, oils, soups and stews. Organic mexican tarragon seeds brilliant yellow blooms in fall! though it.

  • Sow thinly into soil at a depth of 6mm
  • Will germinate in 14 to 28 days
  • Thin the seedlings or transplant leaving 60 cm between plants


How to grow Tarragon using Hydroponics or Aquaponics

Tarragon can be grown using both hydroponics and aquaponics.

See above – tarragon does grow quite tall (30 to 60 cm) but if you grow them indoors using artificial light you will be able to harvest them for a longer period.

  • Country/region of manufacture: mexico, mpn: tarragon, flower duration: perennials
  • Brand: mexican tarragon, plant category: herbs, country of manufacture: united states
  • Model: mexican mint seeds, plant format: seeds
  • Package includes: 1 pc


The flavor is sweet, somewhat like anise.

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    Nice, got a slightly different flavour but grow French Tarragon if you can

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