Orange Mint

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Ideal for salads and mexican recipes like Salsa



Key Facts

  • Ideal for salads and mexican recipes like Salsa.
  • Easy to grow
  • Takes only 1 to 2 months to grow


Orange mint is also known as Eau-de-Cologne Mint or Bergamot Mint

  • Originally from Southern Europe.
  • Stronger flavour than many other mint varieties – citrus flavour.
  • Ideal for salads, hot drinks or Mexican recipes.
  • Days from planting (cutting) to harvest – about 30 to 60 (1 to 2 months)
  • About 30 to 60 cm high
how to grow orange mint indoors

Example orange mint recipe

When you grow this type of mint this will tend to be for specific uses.

For example it’s great for salads, with fruit and for hot drinks. But in addition it is also ideal for mexican recipes like salsa.

Typical recipe:

How to grow orange mint at home

It’s a fun plant to grow, however…

Mint is a very fast growing plant that will grow using a network of runners. Which is why you need to be very careful when planting it next to other plants, as there is a real danger it will take over.

And which is why we also don’t recommend it for aquaponics – and if you want to grow it using hydropincs then the best option is to use a system like the balcony hydroponics one (with seperate pots)

Seed or Plant

In addition it is probably safer to start your orange mint using either a ready made plant, cutting or a plug plant. The reason is that mint is one of the herbs which is highly variable – and even using seeds from a reputable supplier you might still end up with a different type then the one you were hoping to grow.

Quick guide:

  • Plant in individual pots
  • Optimal growing temperature is 15 to 20 ºC
  • And full sunlight or high levels of artificial light.
mint plant in soil

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  1. Minze Vries

    If you are very serious about cooking then this is well worth growing. It has a very unusual flavour which is ideal for recipes

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