Oregano hot and spicy

Oregano with the heat of mild chili



Key Facts

  • Oregano flavour with the heat of a mild chili pepper
  • Great for Mexican recipes – or if you want to spice up Italian meals
  • Takes about 2 to 3 months to grow before harvest
  • Available from Amazon


The oregano hot and spicy herb is grown for the unique flavour of its leaves. The hot and spicy type adds even more flavour.

  • Very often used in Mexican and spicy recipes.
  • Fresh oregano has a more flavour then dried oregano.
  • If grown from seed about 60 – 90 (2 to 3 months) to harvest. A lot quicker if you buy a plant.
  • About 45 cm high
Oregano hot and spicy

Typical oregano hot and spicy recipes

Will be adding some in a few months.

How to grow oregano at home

It is very easy to grow oregano at home from seeds or plug plants.

How to grow oregano outdoors (garden, balcony, etc.)

The oregano plant prefer warmth & direct sunlight, well drained soil and need to be frost free.

That is why if you want to grow them outdoors then the best option is to start them indoors about 4 to 8 weeks before the last frost and then transfer them when the nights are warmer.

Surface-sow or barely cover the seeds indoors, and keep warm and moist. When sprouts appear move them to a sunny window. Set out well-developed transplants after last frost date when weather is warm. Oregano need rich moist soil and warm sunny conditions to flourish. Best sown in early spring.

Fully grown they can be up to 30 to 60 cm in height i.e. an individual pot might be the best option.

How to grow oregano indoors (hydroponics or aquaponics)

Because of the importance of moisture and light oregano is ideally suited for hydroponics with additional lights.

Not only are they easier to grow, but you will also get fast results.