Poblano pepper

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Ideal for Southwestern and Mexican recipes. (H)



Key Facts

  • Ideal for Southwestern and Mexican recipes.
  • Mild to Hot
  • Easy to grow.
  • Takes about 6 months to grow
  • Available from Amazon


The poblano pepper:

  • Originally found in the state of Puebla, Mexico.
  • Heat intensity varies depending on age & variety (more details further down)
  • Ideal for Southwestern and Mexican recipes
  • Days from seed to harvest – about 200 (6 months)
  • About 64 cm high
poblano pepper

Example poblano pepper recipes

The poblano pepper is ideal for Southwestern and Mexican recipes, and when grown fresh is better than any you will buy in a shop.

The heat intensity varies depending on age & variety – test before using in recipes

Dried, it is called ancho or chile ancho. It’s also a terrific chili for a fresh mild salsa.

Typical recipes:

How to grow poblano pepper at home

You can grow the pepper outside or indoors.

How to grow poblano pepper outdoors (garden, balcony, etc.)

The peppers prefer direct sunlight, well drained soil and need to be frost free.

If you want to grow them outdoors then the best option is to start them indoors about 8 to 12 weeks before the last frost and then transfer them when the nights are warmer.

They can be grown easily from seed but it’s very important to provide the right amount of moisture and to thin them out as they grow.

Fully grown they can be upto 64 cm in height i.e. an individual pot might be the best option.

chili en nogado

Poblano pepper details

Dried, it is called ancho or chile ancho, from the mexican spanish name ancho (“wide”) or chile ancho. While poblanos tend to have a mild flavor, occasionally and unpredictably they can have significant heat. Different peppers from the same seed have been reported to vary substantially in heat intensity. The ripened red poblano is significantly hotter and more flavorful than the less ripe, green poblano. 75 days. One of the most popular chilis in mexico!

How to grow poblano pepper indoors (hydroponics or aquaponics)

Because of the importance of moisture and light the peppers are ideally suited for hydroponics with additional lights.

Not only are they easier to grow, but you will also get fast results.

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  1. Minze Vries

    When grown fresh this is simply so much better than one bought in a shop. Easy to grow indoors all year round using hydroponics and extra light

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