The Aquaponic Farmer

The ultimate Aquaponics guide



aquaponic farmer

The ultimate Aquaponics guide.

  • Will show how to start a commercial business
  • But also great advice for Aquaponics at home
  • Full of detailed information.
  • Available from Amazon

This book has 13 Chapters with detailed information that is invaluable to anyone interested in Aquaponics.

Step by step advice

It will show you how to build a 120′ greenhouse system that can be operated by only person.

And then how to start your own profitable cold-water fish and vegetable business.

The aquaponic farmer book contains

Chapter 1: What Is Aquaponics?
The Aquaponic farmer has a detailed description as to what aquaponics is, how it works and the difference between backyard and Commercial Systems

Chapter 2: The RCA System
The key starting point to consider for your aquaponics system. From the layout to the items you will need

Chapter 3: Principles of System Design
For example items like Cold-Water vs Warm-Water Aquaponics

Chapter 4: Constructing the RCA System
How to prepare your site and install anything from water, lights, waste, etc.

Chapter 5: Tools of the Trade
The items you will need and elements to consider.

Chapter 6: Managing the Ecosystem
Ranging from water quality, ph levels to managing bacteria

Chapter 7: Cycling the System
How to fill your System with Water and how to start your fish

Chapter 8: Raising Fish
From selecting the Fish Species all the way to tempering

Chapter 9: Plant Production
How to select the right plants, plant and growing them.

Chapter 10: Plant Diseases and Pests
How to cope with pests and diseases, and what to do and how.

Chapter 11: Standard Operating Procedures and Protocols
How to keep logs and plan your monthly and seasonal tasks.

Chapter 12: Marketing and Sales
Key items to focus on and what to do

Chapter 13: Creating a Business Plan
Ranging from the financial items to daily operational issues

Very detailed book.

The Aquaponic Farmer book is very detailed and designed for taking your aquaponic system to a complete new level.

If you just want to start then have a look at the Aquaponics 4 You Guide (as it’s a lot simpler)

On the other hand the aquaponic farmer book is probably the most detailed one you will find. 

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