Rare Seed Suppliers

Are they rare seeds ?

Even though they are very popular around the world the seeds below are not readily available in the UK

Kapucijner seeds

The only mail order site we have been able to find which stocks kapucijner seeds is rareseeds which has the great looking blauwschokker variety.

Or specialist dutch seed suppliers will have the whole range of seeds by mail order

Quinoa Seedssuttons-quinoa

The staple diet of the Inca because it is both healthy & easy to grow,

Seeds available from Suttons

Boerenkool – ‘Curly Kale'(F1 Reflex)

We especially like the F1 reflex type because you can use it in the summer in a salad using the tasty ‘baby’ leaves and in the winter as part of the boerenkool dish. (Available from Seeds available from Suttons

Grass Pea Seeds

Very difficult to find the largest supplier we could track down is tradewindsfruit

or you could try rareseeds

Don’t forget….

That to grow them you can either let them trail along the floor or grow them up a mesh (like a climbing frame from harrod horticultural)


You can either buy them from a specialist food supplier like earthly delights

or get them from a few garden suppliers like victoriana


Seeds by Country

USA – Seeds