Hydroponics Airstone

Reduce hydroponic air bubble noise



aqua airstone
  • Designed for reducing hydroponic air bubble noise.
  • Suitable for airpumps.
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Most hydroponic tanks will have an airpump – to supply the plants with air.

If you keep your system indoors then you might want to consider reducing the hydroponic system noise as much as possible.

For example when I built the diy hydroponic system I used an air pump designed for aquariums, because they tend to be more quiet than hydroponic pumps.

But one aspect you might find is that the bubbles in the tank make noise.

If you simply replace the airstone with this hydroponic airstone you will instantly have a quieter system.

Product information

  • Item Weight 49.9 g
  • Product Dimensions 5 x 8 x 5 cm

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