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About the Chef’s Gardener

Professional kitchens use high quality herbs and vegetables not readily available on the open market.

Here at the Chef’s Gardener we have access to plants, seeds & growing systems that will to take your cooking to the next level, but if you’re looking for alternative recipes to add to your repertoire we also have a few suggestions.

Be Different!

Have a look through our different systems to grow great tasting herbs and vegetables at home with very little input!

Yes you could grow ingredients in your garden or allotment, but why not look to the future and try something a little different, get faster results and better yields?

The Chef’s Gardener

The Chef's Gardener - rosemary

The easiest way to start is to select what to grow at home and then follow the links.

Yes, there are very many speciality ingredients (for example like Thai Basil or hard garlic) that are not easy to buy in shops.

However even growing something simple (like Rosemary) will make a real difference to your recipes. Even freshly grown rosemary will taste better than ‘fresh’ rosemary bought in a supermarket.

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