Drinks dispenser with tap

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Great for water, lemonade, cold drinks, cocktails, etc.



drinks dispenser with tap

Key facts

The 4 key advantages of using a drinks dispenser are described further down the pages.

The one we like is pictured on the right.

  • 3.7 Litre leak proof dispenser with tap
  • Great for water, lemonade, cold drinks, cocktails, etc.
  • Wide mouth so it’s easy to add items like fruit
  • available from Amazon

A drinks dispenser with tap looks great and is a very easy way to serve guests (& yourself) with nice cold drinks.

All you do is fill the dispenser and you can even use the ice cylinder to keep the drinks cold for some time.

Example drinks dispenser with tap uses.

fresh mint mojito

On this site you will find lots of recipes for cold drinks, cordials and infusions.

A drinks dispenser is great for fresh clean cold water but you can also use it for items like:

A key advantage of using a dispenser is that your drinks will look lovely and are very easy to serve. (like the fresh mint mojito pictured)

4 key advantages

If you go onto sites like Amazon you will see many different types of dispensers.

So why would you buy a drinks dispenser instead of using a jug, bottle, etc?

1. The way it looks

Your drinks look great & very tempting in a glass dispenser – where you not only can see the drinks but also items (if applicable) like added fruit or berries.

2. Leak proof tap

If you are serving drinks then a tap is simply easier to control than pouring from a jug. There are a variety of different taps on dispensers. We prefer steel ones because they tend to last longer and are easier to clean

3. Wide Mouth

If you are adding items like fruit into your drink than a wide mouth makes it a lot easier. Whatever dispenser you use a key item to focus on it how wide the mouth is.

4. Protective Lid

Very often a dispenser will be used outside for barbeques, parties outside dining, etc. The key is to make sure that bugs can’t get into your drinks. Which is where a protective lid matters.

More information

The type of dispenser you use will differ depending on items like what you use it for, the size you need, etc.

To buy this items – it is available from Amazon

1 review for Drinks dispenser with tap

  1. Sophie T

    I used it to serve the ginger mint lemonade (made about 4 times the amount in the recipe) and was very easy to serve to my kids.

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